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Food Pantry

Shopping in our pantry provides crisis support to families in need. Pantry services are available to residents of our service area. Those outside the service area are served by referral from a partner organization only.
Eligibility requirements apply.


Our ‘store’ provides a dignified, need based shopping experience for individuals and families to shop for clothing items at no cost. No residency requirements apply.

Pathways and Connections

Life is complicated and sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require outside assistance. We help individuals and families help create pathways and connections to resources and relationships via creative church and community partnerships. We help people navigate through the rivers of systems and processes to find the best way forward. We would love the opportunity to hear your story and walk alongside of you. Contact Natalie, our Client Services Navigator, by phone at 616-748-6525 or email at natalie@harveststand.org

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Greater Ottawa County United Way

Greater Ottawa County United Way supports, develops and implements a range of impact solutions that improve lives and create stronger communities.

Ottawa Food

Ottawa Food is a collaboration of local agencies and individuals that exists to ensure that all Ottawa County residents have access to healthy, local, and affordable food choices.


City on a Hill Health Clinic provides free medical care for minor injuries and illnesses for uninsured or underinsured people.

Community Mental Health

Community Mental Health is a public provider of services for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and/or substance use disorders.

Ottawa County Department of Public Health

Working together to assure conditions that promote and protect health.

Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! is one of the state’s most valuable and accessible resources for those seeking employment.

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